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Winter '09  
February 19 - Integrating Macs into an Active Directory Environment
Review trials and successes of the College of Education and Human Ecology network staff as they have worked to incorporate their Mac users into the Active Directory domain for the college. Staff from CEHE will outline the system they are currently employing and share best practices from their hands on experience.
Outstanding Products from Apple and Third-Party Developers

Time Navigator - Advanced Data Protection and Archiving for the Enterprise

Time Navigator 4.2, Atempo’s latest release, brings enhanced security features to data protection architecture with an updated version of its Security and Compliance Manager module and advanced support for VMware Infrastructure 3. Time Navigator’s rich feature set includes among other key features: point-in-time recovery management, advanced security tools, unlimited scalability, extensive platform and application support and archiving.

Atempo Time Navigator is a secure data protection and archival solution for heterogeneous environments. It enables easy management of enterprise data throughout its lifecycle. Time Navigator combines the best of data protection and storage security to enable corporations to meet critical business requirements for digital privacy, regulatory compliance, and non-repudiated long-term archiving. The product’s graphical user interface makes it easy to manage snapshots, replication, disk and tape backups, archival and recovery operations in addition to simplifying the management of multiple servers and remote sites.